Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the third of the seven primary chakras that form part of the subtle body, and acts as the main portals for the flow of energy between the body and the cosmos. The approximate location of this chakra in the physical body of any person is in the area between the navel and solar plexus; hence its name: ‘solar plexus chakra’. This chakra exerts influence upon a number of critical body organs, which are necessary for proper functioning of various bodily functions. Some of the organs, which have intimate association with the functioning of this chakra, are the pancreas gland and the adrenal gland. Moreover, the Solar Plexus Chakra also has definitive influence upon the working of the digestive system, as well as, the muscles present around the solar plexus area.



Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol:

Manipura Solar Plexus ChakraThe Sanskrit name of this chakra is Manipura Chakra, and this word stands for lustrous gem, which is an apt choice due to the vivid yellow coloration of the manipura chakra. Moreover, the associated metal of this chakra is iron, which reflects the indispensable role it plays in endowing a person with the right amount of will power and self-esteem to live with an erect spine instead of bowing before everyone’s wishes. The lotus symbol for this chakra consists of ten blue petals, which has a downward triangle along with Hindu solar crosses at the center, while a running ram is there at its base portion. The characteristic color of this chakra being sunshine yellow brings to forth its radiant nature, which renders individuals with vibrancy, optimism, and a whole lot of positive energy to strive for new beginnings in every phase of life. Thus, the Yellow Chakra stands for the vibrancy of youth, births, and new beginnings.
Another name for the Solar Plexus Chakra is the ‘Nabhi chakra’ or ‘Stomach chakra’.



Elements of the Solar Plexus Chakra:

The Third Chakra plays the most important role of combining the salient attributes of the first two charkas to create the sparks, which will ultimately transform the personality of any individual and by aspiring them to seek change and move forward in life. The element of this chakra is fire and it forges the elements of the previous two chakras, earth and water respectively, with the blending of these two passive elements resulting in a spark that is a form of dynamic energy, which serves as the aspiration for individuals to create new paths and seek creative freedom. Proper working of this chakra renders people with the ability to avoid following the treaded path and instead seek for ways to break out of the addictive behavior of following norms. Such actions occur due to the transformative power of the Solar Plexus Chakra that can make people feel the full extent of their creative prowess.

Manipura Chakra Deity - Vishnu Laxmi



Functioning of the Solar Plexus Chakra:

The Navel Chakra renders individuals with the feeling of personal power, strength of will, as well as, self-esteem. The physical location of this chakra in the physical body in the solar plexus over the adrenal glands testifies this fact. This is because people have the familiar ‘butterfly feelings’ whenever they feel lack of self confidence, which is often due to improper functioning of this chakra. The fiery yellow color of this chakra mimics the natural coloration of the sun, and is the source of warmth and energy that people feel deep within them. In fact, this chakra has the most definitive impact upon the level of will, vitality, and firmness of action present within any individual’s personality. Thus, people who are able to keep themselves grounded are at the best position to use this surge of immense energy to invigorate and stimulate themselves by energizing their thoughts and firing up their imaginations towards pursuing productive actions.

Chakra Three, the navel chakra (solar plexus).Proper functioning of the Solar Plexus Chakra is essential for ensuring proper development of mental courage and self-esteem within any individual. Making progress in one’s life entails making a number of choices, and each of these choices require a certain degree of self-confidence and power of will. However, in the lack of proper support from this chakra, people are likely to suffer from bouts of indecision and cynicism. Moreover, people are likely to lack a developed sense of humor, and warmth in personality when their Third Chakra is not in order, which can often lead to them becoming increasingly self-centered and selfish in outlook, as well as, low self-esteem and stubbornness.

Proper functioning of the Solar Plexus Chakra also becomes apparent through the presence of radiant energy in any individual, as well as, immense strength in the core region of the body. More specifically, this chakra has intimate relation with various glands and organs, which form part of the digestive system. Therefore, proper functioning of the chakra manifests through robust digestive power, while any blockage to it results in chronic bouts of indigestion. Moreover, improper functioning of the chakra results in a number of health disorders such as hypoglycemia, diabetes, hypertension, disorders of liver, pancreas and gall bladder, as well as, chronic fatigue.



Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation & Exercises:


A blocked Solar Plexus Chakra spells trouble for the obvious influence it exerts upon the personality of any individual, as well as, several critical organs in the body, particularly those associated with the digestive system. Thus, it becomes important for any person suffering from such malfunctioning Third Chakra to seek for remedies that can help them in rectifying this condition.  Several meditative practices and exercises are available to help unblock the suffering chakra and unleash it full potential to the benefit of individuals concerned.


Empowerment Mediation

Meditation for solar plexus chakra

Since any blockage in the Manipura Chakra leads to a lack of self-esteem, people often feel victimized and helpless in the hands of the situations they face. During such testing times, empowerment meditation can help in turning the tide around. Individuals need to take a step back and immerse themselves in the thoughts and actions, of their and others, that have lately caused them pain and agony. This will help them in finding the solution to their problems by understanding their mistakes and avoiding committing them in the future. This way people will be able to recognize the people causing them pain in life and in the process to reclaim their energy, will, and self-esteem to deal with such negative presence in the lives more effectively. You can try this yourself, just sit in any quite room, then close your eyes and start reflecting on the above.


Ordinary Sit-ups


Ordinary sit-ups or the stomach crunches might not sound too yogic but they help in strengthening the muscles of the abdominal wall and in turn enhance the functioning of the Navel Chakra.


Breath of Fire

Breath of fire yoga

Breath of fire is an extremely effective diaphragmatic breathing exercise, which aims to help in cleaning various toxins from the body, as well as, energize the internal fire, and aid in the flow of energy through the main chakras. Repeated inhalations and exhalations help in strengthening the abdominal muscles, as well as, improve the lungs capacity of the body. This is in addition to the good it does to the Yellow Chakra in the body.


Jogging or Running

Running / jogging

Running is a highly demanding physical exercise, and it can be an excellent option for shaking off inertia from one’s existence. This is because the way running leads to pumping of blood through the veins causes a surge of energy to flow through the body, and this ideal for energizing the Third Chakra. However, those who are not in the shape or health to run should consult their Doctor before considering running or jogging.


Belly Push

Belly push yoga

This exercise is ideal for enhancing functioning of the Solar Plexus Chakra by increasing the strength of the muscles in the region, as well as, blood flow. It involves being in a seated position, and placing the palms on the ground by the hip while pushing both legs out.


Bow Pose

Bow pose yoga

This pose involves lying on the stomach on the ground and pulling the ankles by arching the body to form the shape of a bow. This helps in improving digestive power and strengthening core muscles, which is beneficial to the functioning of the 3rd Chakra.


Laughing Circle

Even though this is a children’s game, it can be an excellent way to expel inertia from life, which is essential for a healthy Chakra 3. This exercise involves four or more people sitting in a circle with each of them lying on the floor with each of their head on the next person’s stomach. The exercise involves engaging in uproarious laughter to create a feeling of energy within, and then utilizing it as the spark to ignite the passion for creativity and excellence in life.

Thus, it is quite clear that the Solar Plexus Chakra exercises and meditative practices are not only good for this chakra but for improving fitness level and core muscle strength of the body as well.



Quick Facts About Manipura Chakra:

Sanskrit Name:
Seed Sound:
Outer Form:
Inner State:
Other Body Parts:

Lustrous gem
Navel to solar plexus
Will, power, assertiveness
Laughter, joy, anger
Pancreas, adrenals
Digestive system, muscles
Ulcers, diabetes, hypoglycemia, digestive disorders




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