Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra lays in the center most part of the seven primary chakras that serve as the portals for the flow of vital energy through the subtle body of every individual to and from the cosmos surrounding them. This is the chakra that gives rise to the feeling of love and compassion, and its proper functioning is essential to keep humanity intact in people.



Heart Chakra Symbol:

Anahata Heart ChakraThe symbol for the Green Chakra consists of circle of twelve lotus flower petals, which surround two intersecting triangles to take the shape of a six-pointed star. This starry shape represents the union of the masculine and feminine forces, as well as, the simultaneous descent of spirit and ascent of matter to meet each other in the body. Thus, this chakra serves as the meeting point of the more abstract upper three primary chakras with the lower three charkas that are far more grounded and physical in nature. This chakra helps in keeping the spiritual side alive while not giving in to its lure to become detached from the physical aspect of life.



Element of the Heart Chakra:

The element of the Fourth Chakra is Air, which is the least dense of all the basic elements, and this signifies the attributes controlled by the Heart chakra that are often beyond the realm of the physical senses. Animals such as doves and antelopes represent this chakra, which again represents the delicate aspects of an individual’s personality that are under the control of it.

The 4th Chakra is an equal mix of the basic colors blue and yellow, which gives rise to its characteristic color green. This color green is synonymous with the nature, as well as, the vigor and vitality of youth. Therefore, this chakra lies at the center of all efforts made by individuals to retain the youthful energy in their soul irrespective of their age. Moreover, this chakra presents a balanced combination of the masculine and feminine trait, which makes it functioning essential to keep a person from drifting too much towards any side. A healthy Heart Chakra is essential to ensure that a person does not become cold and uncompassionate, as well as, too weepy and emotional at the other end of the spectrum.

Heart Chakra Divinities - Isa - Kakini



Other Names of the Heart Chakra & its Functioning:

Chakra four, the heart chakra (Anahata Chakra)The heart chakra is above the solar plexus chakra of the body. The physical position of the Anahata Chakra, by which name it is known in Sanskrit, is related to its intimate relation with the functioning of the cardiac plexus. Thus, it exerts direct influence upon the functioning of various vital organs in the chest region such as the heart, lungs, and the thymus gland. Therefore, people with a proper functioning of the Anahata chakra enjoy excellent cardiac condition and robust circulatory functions. Moreover, they have a strong and flexible upper body part including the neck and chest regions, as well as, enviable lung capacity. On the other hand, any blockage to this chakra results in the manifestation of various heart and lung ailments such as angina and blocked heart, as well as, respiratory distress among others.

The Heart Chakra serves as the seat of love and compassion, and allows individuals to transcendent their ego to feel at peace with the universe. This chakra is all provide providing balance to the perspective and allowing individuals to open themselves up and be sociable with others. Proper functioning of this chakra enables individuals to form healthy boundaries in relationships, while also providing a healing touch to the pain and sufferings of others. On the other hand, any blockage to the flow of energy through this chakra leads to growing coldness, and inability to empathize with others. Moreover, individuals may become self-centered and lose the sight of the big picture when the Heart Chakra does not function properly.



Heart Chakra Breathing Exercises:

Breathing exercises are thought to help in cleansing the energy portals, and enhance the functioning of the chakras through better energy flow. The Heart Chakra breathing exercises can come in handy in rectifying any problems present with this chakra in any person.
(if you are out of shape or suffer from any cardiac or breathing related problems, it is advisable that you consult your doctor before doing any of these exercises.)


Breath of Fire:

The rapid diaphragmatic breathing exercise can help in strengthening the abdominal and thoracic muscles to improve functioning of the body parts in this region.

This exercise can be done by sitting upright with the back straight and your legs relaxed.

Then using the muscles of your abdomen, SNAP-IN your diaphragm, causing a quick exhale of breathe to escape through your nose. But keep the mouth closed.

After which when you relax the abdomen, air will naturally enter your nose and chest, causing an inhale. You don’t need not force this inhalation.

Repeat this breathing process in sets of 50.


Deep Breathing:

Simple as it sounds, this involves taking deep breathes and then exhaling softly but fully to cleanse the body and calm down the sense, which will help in improving the workings of the Heart Chakra.


Alternate Nostril Breathing:

Alternate nostril breathing

This is a form of methodical breathing that helps in calming the central nervous system and enabling people to sleep better and feel calm and relaxed.

It involves closing off your right nostril with the right hand and then taking a breathe deeply through the left nostril. After the breath is full, close off your left nostril and exhale through your right side. Then when the breath is again empty, inhale again through your right side, swapping when full and exhaling on the left nostril. Do this for 20 times on each side.



Chin lock, abdominal lock, and anal lock are three special breathing exercises where people hold their breath to revitalize three different parts of their body.



Heart Chakra Meditation & Exercises:

Heart Chakra meditation and exercises can come in exceedingly helpful in removing any blockage in the flow of energy through this chakra by thoroughly cleansing and reenergizing it.


Empathy Exercise:


Couples having problem in relationships should definitely try out this Green Chakra meditation, which consists of either member of any couple telling and analyzing the issues causing problems from the perspective of the other member to help find the solution.
Start by picking a place to sit comfortably. Then close your eyes, and begin breathing deeply, down into your abdomen, down into your feet, down into the Earth.
Then, tune into the rhythm of your heartbeat and feel pulsing all around your body. Breathe into it, feeling your heart beating, and just accepting yourself entirely, filling your body with love, and exhale.
Now open your eyes & look at each person you can clearly focus on (one at a time), seeing their eyes, hearing their voice & watching their actions. (If you are alone, then just imagine someone you know). Without judgment, aversion, criticism and desire.
Just look at that individual and allow yourself to concentrate on their heart. Look at how your body has shaped itself around that heart—imagine its hopes and dreams, its buried sorrows and fears. Allow an expression of compassion to build up within your heart for that person.
Again breathe into it, let yourself feel it, but don’t hold on to it. Breathe it out again with each exhalation. Without any words or movement, just imagine a beam of energy running from your own heart to theirs. Send them love, and then release it. Don’t hold on to the bond or get yourself responsible in virtually any way. Let the bond go, and then proceed to someone else.
When you’ve had enough, close your eyes and come back to your own personal center. Feel your own personal heart in the exact same way you viewed the others. Give yourself the exact same sense of love & compassion. Breathe into it, sending it deeper. Then release.


Compassionate Meditation:

This meditative exercise can be done as part of large group, or even alone with certain bit of imagination. Individuals can silently contemplate and focus upon sending their love to others in the group or even total strangers to create a bond of compassion with them. This can be quite effective in reenergizing any dormant Anahata Chakra.


Chest Opener:

Chest Opener Exercise

This Heart Chakra exercise is excellent for enhancing the strength of the pectoral muscles around the chest, as well as, loosening all tight muscles around the shoulder and torso. Enhanced strength helps in revitalizing the chakra associated with this part of the body.

Start by putting your arms behind your back, clasp your hands together and rotate your arms which mean lock your arms. This should push your shoulders back and your chest out. Take a deep breath. Move your head back and use your arms as traction to rotate your torso, loosening the small muscles you have there. Continue your deep breathing.


The Fish:

Fish pose yoga

This is a yogic exercise and it involves deep breathing in a yogic posture while lying on the back in a bid to expand the chest cavity and increase the cleansing power of the body.


The Cobra:

The Cobra Exercise

Another yogic exercise, this can be an excellent choice to do first thing in the morning, with its primary effects being on the upper thoracic vertebrae. This exercise helps in alleviating conditions of rounded back by strengthening the chest region, and in turn providing strength to the 4th Chakra.

Start by laying flat on your own belly with arms bent and palms put face down by your shoulders. Without making use of your arms as support, gradually lift your face, shoulders, and look straight back so far as you are able to get comfortably. Then relax. Carry on again, going so far as you are able to, and then making use of your arms, push your self up just a little farther. Don’t straighten the arms completely, but perform to open the chest, maintaining the shoulders down and relaxed. Expand the belly and chest, have a deep breath and relax. Repeat as often as you like.


The Windmill:

This exercise involves standing with outstretched arms and then twisting the torso back and forth the energy to the arms and hand from the body. This helps in loosening the tightness in the muscles present in the chest and abdomen, which can be beneficial to the proper functioning of the Heart Chakra.


Arm Circles:

Arm Circles Exercise

This exercise involves stretching the arms out straight and rotating them in expanding circles, first in one direction and then in the other, to stimulate the muscles of the upper arms and upper back.




Quick Facts About Heart Chakra:

Sanskrit Name:
Seed Sound:
Outer State:
Inner State:
Other Parts:

Compassion, love
Lungs, heart, pericardium, arms, hands
Asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease




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