Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

What is Chakra Balancing?

Chakra Balancing Yin YangThe Chakras are the energy centers in the subtle body which are not perceptible by the five senses, unlike the physical body, but nevertheless play an extremely crucial role in ensuring proper functioning of all the critical organs and life processes in the body. Therefore, it becomes essential that any imbalances in the chakras ought to be met with remedial measures at the earliest to limit the harm caused by such malfunctioning chakras in the body. Chakra cleansing meditation practices have proven to be extremely effective in ensuring that any blockage in the flow of energy through these energy centers in the body is removed with utmost efficiency.

The chakras can become underactive due to the impediment caused to them by a variety of factors, while at times they can even become overactive and result in unpleasant consequences for the people concerned. However, exercises and other techniques for opening chakra is always much more beneficial than those for trying to close an overactive one. This is because the chakras often become overactive in order to compensate for the lack of activity in some other chakra, and thus the key towards reestablishing balance lies in ensuring that all of the major chakras function at their optimal levels.

The chakra opening techniques primary focus upon the seven major chakras that are present in the body, which are of critical significance because of the intimate connection they possess with the proper functioning of various major organs in the body. The proper functioning of the chakra is related to their nature and structure, which also holds the key to the reasons behind their malfunctioning. The word Chakra is of Sanskrit origin, and literally means ‘wheel’ in that language. However, a more accurate description of the nodal point for the vital energy in the body would be ‘whirlpool’ or ‘vortex’, which spins about its axis, and serves as a portal for exchange of energy between the subtle body and the cosmos.

Proper functioning of the chakras would ensure free flow of energy in both vertical and horizontal directions, which will ensure harmony through the synchronization of the spinning between all these vortexes. Imbalances in the chakra system lead to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual crisis, which can be disastrous for both the personal and professional lives of the people concerned. The chakra balancing medication practices can help in ensuring harmony between all the major chakras by clearing blockages and correcting imbalances.



Chakra Balancing Meditation:

Easy Pose SukhasanaMeditative exercises can be of great help in correcting any imbalances in the chakra system by removing blockages and ensuring proper flow of energy through these vital energy centers of the body. Chakra yoga exercises aim at focusing the entire mind’s energy into the chakras and cleansing them from within to put them once again at harmony with one another. The process consists of sitting comfortably on a chair or cross-legged, and then taking deep breathes to aid in relaxing the body and allowing the mind to focus upon the chakras. Visualizing the position of the chakras in the body, their characteristic colors, as well as, their function will help in channeling the positive energy of the body towards that particular charka. Simultaneously chanting the chakra mantras proves to be even more helpful in finding calm, and in process gain a feeling of ‘cleanliness’ which helps in removing all impediments from any chakra.



Chakra Balancing Incantations:

The chakra balancing incantations can help in improving the effectiveness of any of the chakra balancing techniques by allowing the mind and soul to focus more effectively. The incantations seek to reaffirm the important roles that each of the seven primary chakras play, as well as, enabling the mind and body to cleanse all impediments that lie in the path of them functioning optimally. The incantations are also aimed towards improving the concentration level of the people practicing various meditative exercises in an effort to balance their chakras. An enhanced concentration level allows them to visualize their chakras more vividly, and connect with their chakras with more purpose to be able to free them of all their impediments.



Hand-On Chakra Balancing Exercise:

Hands on chakra balancing

The hands-on technique uses a far more physical approach towards healing any perceived imbalances present in the functioning of the chakras. This chakra balancing exercise is extremely simple, and people can practice it every day without having to spend too much of their time. It includes lying down in a place where there is least probability of any disturbances, and then spending a few seconds calming down and relaxing. This can be achieved with much ease through the practice of belly breathing, which will also help the practitioner to feel grounded and centered, which is welcome while trying to focus on the Root chakra, and moving then towards the solar plexus chakra.

Placing the right hand on the Root or the first chakra, while placing the other on the second charka, the practitioner ought to focus upon trying to balance the two chakras. If they do not feel any disharmony in the energy level between the two charkas, then they are in order. Continuing with this practice by placing the two hands on the second and third chakra, and then third and fourth, and so forth, the practitioner can feel the vibe emanating from their bodies. They need not spend more than a few minutes upon each of the chakras to be able to maximize their efforts upon ensuring utmost harmony between all the major chakras in their body.



Other Chakra Balancing Techniques:

Chakra fruit and vegetablesPeople who feel that their chakra system is not in order can also opt for eating the right food items, which will help them maximizing the flow of positive energy through their subtle body, while also ensuring that they are able to maintain a fit and healthy physical body. Another extremely effective chakra balancing technique is to opt for the colorful light baths that helps in infusing the healing colors, which are effectual in enabling balancing of these vital energy centers. In fact, these methods are only some of several techniques that are on offer to help cure imbalances in chakras, and it is up to the people concerned to choose one according to their likings.




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