Chakra Meditation & Yoga

Chakra Meditation & Yoga

Chakra Meditation Techniques:

Meditate on ChakrasThe chakra meditation techniques are among the most effective ways of ensuring that the primary chakras in the body function optimally. The Chakras are the energy nodes present in the subtle body of every individual, and they serve as the portals for the flow of vital energy between an individual and the greater cosmos. The major chakras are seven in number as per the Hindu and Buddhist Tantric traditions, and they play an indispensible role in the mental and physical wellbeing of every person. Thus, any hindrances in the flow of this energy can result in a number of problems for the individuals concerned. Chakra cleansing meditation can be of immense help in case of chakras suffering from hindrances in the flow of energy through them due to any accumulation of impurities. These chakra meditation practices seek to get rid of those impurities and to enable the individual to enjoy blissful flow of the vital energy through every chakra in their body.

The chakra clearing meditation practices aim to slow down the various physical vibrations that are present deep within the body of any individual, as well as, the natural frequencies emanating from them. Many a time, the natural vibrations tend to increase dis-proportionately, and this results in many of them becoming dissonant with the natural frequency of the body. The chakra meditation exercises aim to slow down such jarring and dissonant frequencies, as well as, ease up the tensions that may built up over various muscles in the body. This in turn leads to overall calming down of the body, and provides a soothing experience to enjoy the bliss of perfectly working chakras in the body.



Chakra Balancing Meditation:

This is the most holistic of all the chakra meditation approaches that are on offer to fine-tune the functioning of the major chakras, and clear all the impurities that are hindering the flow of energy through them. This chakra opening exercise consists of sitting in a comfortable fashion on a chair, and keeping the hands on the legs with the palms facing upwards. What follows is a highly methodical approach towards taking care of all the seven primary chakras in an extremely meticulous fashion starting with the first or the Root chakra.

Now the individual needs to spend a few minutes focusing upon each of the chakras, and their exact position in the physical body by visualizing them as a ball of ball of energy in their characteristic colors. Deep breathing must accompany this mental exercise for opening chakra centers in the body. Finally, visualizing the vital energy flowing from the body into the Mother Earth can help in grounding an individual, and providing them with the benefit of fully functioning chakras.


Rose Quartz Mediation:

This meditative practice seeks to provide balance to the functioning of the chakras by enhancing the working of the Heart Chakra, which lies in the middle of the upper, and lower three chakras. Thus, while an excessive stress upon throat chakra meditation can weaken the lower chakras, focusing excessively upon the Root Chakra can cloud the upper three ones. However, Rose Quartz can rectify all such imbalances, and ensure proper functioning of the chakras in unison.


Chakra Yoga Exercises:

Yogic exercises can combine with various chakra meditation practices to help rectify all imbalances present in the working of the major chakras in the subtle body of a person. As per the yogic principles, even though it is not possible to see or touch the subtle body’s chakras, yogic exercises can help in freeing up energy and help in fixing overly active or blocked chakras to ensure proper flow of vital energy through these energy portals. A number of such yogic exercises are present for each of the seven major chakras.



Root Chakra Healing Exercise:

Tree pose

The Tree Pose or the Vrksasana is the ideal Root Chakra healing for creating a stable base by strengthening the lower limbs, as well as, the lower part of the body. Standing on a single leg, in an alternating manner, helps in improving strength and circulation of the lower limbs, while allowing the body to stay connected to the earth plane, and feel the rise of the vital energy through the lowest of the chakra flowing upwards.



Sacral Chakra Healing Exercise:

Goddess Pose Deviasana

The Goddess Pose or the Deviasana is the perfect choice for Sacral Chakra healing, and it consists of standing with feed wide apart. Next, the individual must presses downward by sinking the hips and bending the knees over its corresponding ankle. Finally, they need to move the tailbone downwards by lifting the pubis, and sway from side to side. This swaying represents the ebb and flow in life, while drawing attention to the vitality of the reproductive organs.



Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Exercise:

Boat Pose Navasana

The Navasana or the Boat Pose is among the most popular of Navel Chakra healing practices, which involves lying on one’s back on the floor, and then lifting the upper torso and the lower limbs to take the shape of a boat. This exercise is helpful in strengthening the core muscles of the body and providing ammunition for transformation.



Heart Chakra Healing Exercise:

Camel Pose Ustrasana

The Camel Pose or the Ustrasana proves to be the perfect Heart Chakra healing regime for opening up the heart center by arching back, and opening up the body for the flow of energy through the middle chakra. Dedicating the pose to someone special can help in enhancing its effectiveness.



Throat Chakra Healing Exercise:

Supported Shoulderstand Salamba Sarvangasana

Salamba Sarvangasana or Supported Shoulderstand is the Throat Chakra healing exercise aimed at enhancing the strength and flexibility of the neck and upper spine region lifting the entire body upward, balanced upon the neck and shoulder region placed firmly on the ground. It is done by first lying on your back with the hands under the middle of your back, the legs & lower body are then lifted skywards so that the weight of the body is supported on the shoulders, head, neck & upper arms. Now looking towards the toes and keeping as vertical as possible.



Third Eye Chakra Healing Exercise:

Easy Pose Sukhasana

The Easy Pose or Sukhasana is a Third Eye Chakra healing exercise that is useful in enhancing the concentration level of any person, while being exceedingly simple to practice. It is nothing more than sitting comfortably on the floor, and engaging in deep chakra meditation.



Crown Chakra Healing Exercise:

Corpse Pose Savasana

The Corpse Pose or Savasana is the ultimate Crown Chakra healing practice consisting of lying comfortably, and visualizing the presence of a lotus flower at the crown of the head. Focusing on the crown will help in cleansing it, and enabling flow of vital energy through it in an unimpeded manner.



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